5 Tips to keep your shades scratch-free

How often do we have to let go of wearing our favourite pair of shades due to a scratch? It is critical to take care of your sunglasses as much as you take care of your jewellery. As an accessory, it becomes a part of your personality that needs preserving with love and care. Check out these 5 tips that you can use to keep your shades scratch-free.

1.Use two hands to take glasses on and off
Using both hands will evenly distribute the force between both sides of your glasses. This will prevent one side from wearing out faster than the other, or any twisting or breakages of your frame.

2.Place glasses facing upwards
Keeping your lenses off surfaces like hard tables will prevent them from grazing or scratching.

3.Use lens cleaner to clean lenses
Sometimes when your lenses become oily, simply polishing them with a lens cloth isn’t enough to clean them, especially if you have been to the beach. Lens cleaner spray acts as a ‘soap’ to give your lenses a thorough clean. Alternatively, you can use cold water and a drop of liquid soap. Just make sure to dry all joints, nose pads and screws to prevent corrosion!

4.Never use your shirt or tissue paper to clean lenses
Your lens polishing cloth is made for just that, polishing lenses! The microfibre material buffs the lenses without scratching. Dry tissue paper or your clothing materials are a lot coarser and can leave fine scratches on your lenses.

5.Never put glasses on the chair, bed or floor
Although it can be convenient to momentarily set your glasses down next to you, this puts them at risk of being sat or stepped on! If possible, find a table, shelf or glasses case to store your glasses.


It’s a match! Finding the right pair of Sunglasses

A perfect pair of sunglasses can elevate your complete look — even if you are wearing something really simple like jeans and a T-shirt. The trick, of course, is knowing what the right pair is for you.

The rule of thumb when choosing sunglasses that will look attractive is to choose frames that contrast the geometry of your face shape.
So, how do you know which shades are right for you? First, you’ll need to figure out whether your face is heart, round, oval, or square. We suggest asking a friend, looking in the mirror,or taking a selfie. Once you’ve found your face shape, then you can begin to pick sunglasses that will complement your features.
Oval faces tend to have well-proportioned features, with the forehead and chin somewhat narrower and the cheeks more pronounced. If you have an oval face you’re in luck, as almost any type of sunglasses will suit you. So the choice depends more on the effect you’re looking for. Square sunglasses ensure more striking contours, while round sunglasses create a gentler impression.

Round faces have features that aren’t strongly defined and that make a gentle impression. The forehead and cheeks tend to have a similar width, while the chin is round. Square and rectangular sunglasses will lend your face sharper contours and make it appear more stretched. Frames with narrow rims will further emphasise this effect.
Typical for heart-shaped faces are a wide forehead and cheeks and a narrow, slightly pointed chin. Sunglasses that create some balance between the brow area and chin are a smart choice here. They should make the chin appear softer without over-emphasising the forehead. One way of achieving this is with round frames or aviators.

Square faces feature a forehead, cheeks and jaw that are all approximately the same width. Round sunglasses and aviators are an ideal way of softening such faces. Butterfly and cat-eye sunglasses can also look good on square faces. Square sunglasses, on the other hand, create a slightly severe impression by emphasising what’s already there.

When weighing up which style of sunglasses to buy, remember that it’s about protecting your eyes as well as fashion. So it’s important that certain UV-protection criteria are fulfilled. This means that, if possible, the frame should be as broad as your face at the temples, so as to prevent light from getting in from the sides. Think about what kind of statement you wish to make with the sunglasses. If you want to stand out from the crowd then a larger, bolder frame may be the way to go.